ARL Joins Privacy Groups, Tech Industry To Support Key Online Privacy Reforms
Mar 30, 2010 // ARL

ARL is proud to be a part of Digital Due Process, a broad coalition of civil liberties and public interest groups (CDT, EFF, ACLU, and many others) as well as technology and telecommunications companies and associations (Google, AOL, Intel, AT&T, CCIA, and many more) that unveiled a new campaign today to reform the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). The four principles for reform are posted on the DDP site, and can be summarized in one simple idea: the same standard of privacy that applies to documents stored in your home (i.e. the gov't needs a search warrant based on probable cause to access them) should apply to your private data stored in the Internet "cloud." In an earlier post, I've embedded a handy video that explains this idea.

Click here to read ARL's full statement.